Application of secure biometric code
  • National ID Cards & Resident ID Cards
  • Border control documents – Visas, Entry permits& Passports
  • Transport documents – Driver's License, Vehicle registration cards, Transport permits
  • Educational documents – Marksheets & Graduations Certificates
  • Commercial documents – Trade Licenses, Land Records, Title Deeds, Rent Contracts, Legal Agreements, Trade Documents
  • Payment technology (a virtual tokenized bill, temporary credit card or ID)
  • Secure delivery of assets (Code printed on packages that delivery person can verify)
  • Time and Attendance / Visitor Management
  • Healthcare and Service Industry
The uniqueness of secure QR code using tech5 biometrics
  • Storage of biometric template, demographic data and color photograph of the document holder in a small 2D barcode
  • Validation and rendering of data from Code in all leading platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, .NET, Java
  • Uses highly accurate NIST certified face, fingerprint or iris recognition algorithm from TECH5 for verification
  • Inexpensive printing hardware, non-special hardware for reading and verification makes it very cost-effective and thus highly
  • Can be easily integrated into the open platforms like MOSIP


  • The encrypted data can be stored using a Hardware Security Module, validated with a 128 bit cryptography strength.
  • JPEG colored image can be stored as well as Alpha Numeric Data and Biometric Templates, the logo of the Issuing authority, photo ID.
  • Highly tamper-proof.
  • An asymmetric key-based digital signature which cannot be altered and forged.
  • Printable using standard 1200 dpi InkJet printer or LaserJet printer.
  • Seamlessly integrated into the existing documents, the printing process key used for generating the Secure QR Code is different from the key used for verifying Secure QR Code (Dual key).


  • Easy and efficient Verification ability including photo, address, and mobile number.
  • Offline verification.
  • High level of encryption.
  • Interoperable and scalable system.
  • Generated code cant be altered.
  • Different apps depending on verifiers.
  • Stores a significant amount of data in a couple of sq. cms block.
  • No cost to reproduce the data.
  • It can be deciphered using a mobile phone and 2D hand-held barcode scanners.
  • Mobility friendly solution.


E-KYC platforms case studies apply to the lending market which is excellent to help peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, online lenders, and credit scoring.

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