Indonesia with its geographical complexity has been recorded as the 4th largest population in the World refers to Worldometers as per march 26th 2020. Indonesian population reaches 272,766 425 million, in line with Central Statistic Agency of Indonesia data which shows the Indonesian population has been growing as per 1.10% compared to 2019.

In the context of customer authentication in banking or financial sectors, the security method using Biometric recognition on registered KTP-el by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) is one effective approach in mitigating any possible breaches or fraud risks, money laundering, and terrorism financing risk.

As per the 1st quarter of 2020, the exploration led to proper Biometric technology and MOHA had enrolled KTP-el of 176 million population since 2011.

Application of E-KYC

  • On-Boarding Customer for Banks.
  • Mobile application verification for FinTech corporation.
  • Mobile application verification for an insurance company.
  • Mobile application and data analytics supporting a vehicle leasing company.
  • Mobile application and data analytics mortgage process.

Uniqueness of E-KYC

  • Mobile application is available for Android and IOS.
  • Liveness engine detects the liveness of the potential client via i) active movements and; ii) passive movements.
  • Flexible liveness SDK engine implements either in front end (mobile apps) or back end.
  • Multimodal Biometric Authentication Platform “MBAP” is our perfect templating engine from an “image” to “template images” which can easily implement to user’s middleware, for verification to MOHA.

Key Features

  • Face detection or Fingerprint scan.
  • 1:1 Matching
  • 1:N Matching
  • High Quality assessment.
  • Age and Gender Recognition.

Secure Biometric Code

A unique 2D secure barcode platform. The solution enables to store biometric and demographic data into high capacity storage with high accuracy.

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