1. Biometrics systems begin with photos / scan of fingerprints, iris, and face.
  2. Images are then converted using proprietary algorithms into mathematical codes, intrinsic to the individual.
  3. With a set per person comprising combination of finger, iris and face, this code can be demonstrated to be unique for everyone within a population size.
  4. Using the customized AI algorithm, biometric code could be use for various identification use cases with high accuracy.
  5. With multimodal biometric system using multiple biometric sensors resulting in a more robust system against spoof attack.



Suitable product to be utilized in this industry is our excellent E-KYC biometrics verification and identification platform, integrated with KTP-El to fully meets safety compliance standard and faster clients onboarding.


E-KYC process for patients or onboarding new patients could be done easily, faster, and reliable using biometrics recognition solutions.

Law enforcement agencies

Our guarded biometric approach supports law enforcement agencies by analyzing and recognizing potential suspect via face recognition and finger to deter or further investigate illicit behaviors or crimes.

Airport Security

Improve the passenger’s identification and verification process in recognizing the white listed person.


  1. A comprehensive biometrics identification solution including fingerprint, facial and iris recognition abilities.
  2. An end-to-end comprehensive biometric verification and identification management system.
  3. A customized mobile and web application development.
  4. A full technical support for troubleshooting assistance.
  5. A front-end identification hardware procurement.