Nowadays has digital era enormously affected myriad market segmentation for businesses, inevitably leading to a massive behavior change. The digitalization challenge has been playing such a pivotal role to most companies, especially Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), where times and delays have become a crucial gap to seize opportunities in growing businesses while at the same time, the companies are obliged to comply with rules and regulations to fight against fraud, money laundering, and financial terrorism.

Arising from that premise, CDI is incredibly enthusiastic to provide robust platforms to facilitate the gaps by deploying our advanced biometrics recognition approach. Through rigorous biometrics technology research and a great integration in the KTP-El validation process with our partners Interbio and Tech5, we aim to keep generating an advanced biometric platform for our valued customers.


We aim to be the most advance end-to-end digital biometrics solution provider, accomplish great contribution in the digitalized economic solution across various organizations and thrive and nurture infrastructure in Indonesia.


  • To empower organizations, enterprises and corporations to achieve digital transformation by implementing our biometrics recognition technology and secure data analytics platforms.
  • To continuously enhance our biometrics technology and ensure the security of our platforms as we are in a viable long-term technology, collaborating with highly skilled biometrics engineer teams and world-class biometrics software specialists.
  • To promote a larger scale to engage and decentralize partnership among the SMEs local actors to accelerate the achievement of their goals in producing secure biometrics identification, and uplift the added value of their products and services.


We urge to work ethically, consistent, and transparent. We greatly value teamwork to grow and move faster together. Therefore, we are fully committed to our promises.