California - To combat the spread of the Corona virus in the world, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) plans to develop a COVID-19 tracking application .

As is known, a number of countries, including Indonesia, flock to utilize technology to develop the Corona virus application.

Through the application, the public not only knows the latest information from the virus that infects this breathing, but also helps the community to consult with the virus and to track the movements of positive patient interactions.

The unknown application will be intended for countries lacking human resources to develop COVID-19 tracking applications. Meanwhile, WHO hooked ex- Google and Microsoft employees in developing the application. "The benefits (COVID-19 application) are truly for countries that do not have anything. We will provide those who are unable (by providing COVID-19 applications) where the country has a fragile health system," said WHO Information Head Bernardo Mariano quoted from Reuters on Monday (05/11/2020).

Then, what are the benefits of the WHO-made application? WHO COVID-19 application is almost the same as the application that already exists in a number of countries. Mariano said, people could ask about their symptoms and offer a Corona test guide, of course it would be personalized according to the user's country. In addition to checking for Corona virus symptoms, this application also allows tracking contact interactions with positive patients using the Bluetooth feature.

The plan, WHO COVID-19 application will be released this month. WHO expects countries in South America and Africa to take advantage of it, given the increasing number of cases there.


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