When you turn 17 years old, as an Indonesian citizen you will be granted an official identity card. This electronic identity card, known as e-KTP or Identity Card, is often needed when you fill out formal forms or documents, transactions, or in other leveraging purposes.

But did you know that 16 digit number is not just any number? The unique codes  that is made different from other people's e-KTP and the NIK code, however, cannot be changed until the person dies.

Are you interested in understanding more deeply the significance of the Population Identification Number (NIK)?  This is the decode if you are curious about what the 16-digit numbers listed on the NIK mean.

According to the Director General of Dukcapil, Ministry of Home Affairs, Prof. Dr. Zudan Arif Fakrulloh, SH., MH as the speaker for National TVRI in the Indonesian Morning Spirit Dialogue, said that the NIK contained in each e-KTP is a unique, single, and unchanging identity for life. “A person who moves wherever his NIK remains the same, even though his address changes. Changes in address and changes in other data elements, such as marital and employment status, must be reported to the local Dukcapil Office,” said Prof. Zudan

Regarding the dialogue theme, the Director General of Dukcapil explained the meaning of the 16 numbers in the NIK. 31-02-01-44-03-91-0312, the way to find out the meaning is as follows:

First, the first 6 digits are the area code where the NIK was first activated (2 first digits for the province code, the second 2 digits for the district/city code, and the third 2 digits for the sub-district code).

Second, the next 6 digits are the date of birth of the NIK owner (2 digits for the date, 2 digits for the month, and 2 digits for the year). For female residents, the number 40 is added to the date of birth.

Third, the next 4 digits are the system-determined sequence number.

Prof. Zudan also added that the singularity of this NIK is also maintained through a biometric identification system, fingerprints, irises and faces in the Electronic ID card application program. So, do you know the meaning behind your NIK numeric code? From now on you should be able to memorize the 16 digits of the number when making various payments or orders without having to bother opening your wallet.

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